Remember, remember the 5th of November

by Jess Taylor | November 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

Saturday sees the popular celebration of Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire night. Originally dating back to affairs in 1605, nowadays we celebrate the day with bonfires, fireworks and tucking into toffee apples whilst sipping warm drinks and waving sparklers.

If you are planning on lighting your own bonfire this year, please make sure you check for hedgehogs and other wildlife before you light it! To a hedgehog a bonfire looks like a great spot to hibernate, built just for them, especially if it has been piled up a few days before lighting. Use a torch and a broom handle or stick to check underneath the bonfire to ensure it is clear of any animals. To find out more about hedgehogs click hereIf you're a fan of hedgehogs then you'll love our cute hedgehog necklace, seen below, or something from our Woodland collection may take your fancy. 

If you do find a hedgehog, use garden gloves or a towel to place them, and as much of their nest as possible, into a high sided cardboard box and put them somewhere secure such as a garage or shed until the bonfire has been burnt. You can offer them water and meaty cat or dog food, and once the bonfire has dampened down release them under a hedge or bush with some more food and water. 

Although us humans enjoy the festivities, remember that fireworks can be frightening for pets, especially dogs and cats. To ensure they remain as calm as possible, keep them indoors with the radio or TV on low to mask the bang of the fireworks and if possible provide a cosy den for them to hide in if they want to. 

We hope you have a fun evening, whether you're staying inside to snuggle with your pets or heading out to a firework show!

With love, And Mary


P.S. All orders placed between 2nd November and 14th November will be dispatched on 15th November - we're off on our holidays!

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