Pickle The Penguin Necklace

Pickle the penguin is the cutest accessory around for the cold weather.

This hand painted porcelain penguin with a little golden bow is available in two sizes.  The large penguin is hanging on an antique brass, gold or silver plated 24" or 28" brass based necklace and is also available on 24"and 28" sterling silver.  The smaller penguin comes on a 18" or 24" brass based antique brass, gold or silver plate necklace.  The small penguin is also available on a 18" or 24" sterling silver necklace.


This item is made from porcelain and should be treated as fragile.


Large dimensions: height - 5cm, width - 5.5cm, depth - 3cm

Small dimensions: height - 4cm, width - 4cm, depth - 2cm


Type: Porcelain Jewellery    
Vendor: And Mary
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